About us 

AISE believes in fostering well-being, inspiring people to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and advocating for the medicinal benefits of plant-based therapies. We aims to create the best natural hemp-based products, helping to deepen the connection with body and mind, and empower health and self-care. AISE selects the best Italian hemp, refines premium essential live resin oil extracts and crafts premium cannabinoids formulations with the constant control and support of a first-class scientific team. Our products are conceived to promote good health, joy and happiness, and to take the edge off pain, stress, anxiety. Your well-being is what inspires us.  



Our Story

After over a decade of experience in farming and distributing organic hemp, we created AISE: a thoughtful response to the urgent demand for natural remedies in the ever changing world of today.  As the founders say: “We wanted to share our secrets—the profound knowledge we have in crafting hemp oils—and use that to create natural self-care remedies that can support a healthy and balanced lifestyle.” AISE takes hemp oils based remedies to a new standard, offering four exclusive formulations, and a line of easy and portable vapes, that cater for today’s customers diverse needs.



A scientific bedrock

The history of the use of hemp as a natural remedy has thousands of years, but the father of all contemporary scientific research about this fascinating world is Ronald Glas, who in the end of the 90’s invented one of the first analytical test methods capable of analyzing and quantifying cannabinoids in a terpene. In the following years, he has published many publications and tested over 40.000 hemp samples all over the world, shedding new light to the possibilities of cannabinoids to become a natural substitute for many of the already existing synthetic medications used to treat many forms of inflammation, stress, insomnia and anxiety. Starting from these scientific premises, AISE partnered with scientific researchers in Amsterdam (NL), developing new knowledge on terpenes, and with the use of the most recent technology, has created its unique procedures to craft premium quality hemp oils capable of ensuring a safe and medically effective experience.